Comparison of Android phones and IOS phones

Comparison of Android Phones and iOS phones

The major two operating systems dominating the mobile technology world are the android phones and the IOS phones. Android phones work on Linux whereas ios phones work on Unix. Android came into the market in the year 2008 whereas IOS came into the market in the year 2007. Android phones are named as phones, tablets and ios phones are named as touch, iPhone, iPad. Apple TV etc. Explore your knowledge here through Comparison of Android phones and IOS phonesJoin the IOS Training in Chennai to explore about the mobile development.

Facilities in the IOS phones

Android phones get the facilities of the Google hangouts in the email, facebook messenger from the Facebook, Whatsapp, Google duo, and Skype. IoS phones also use the hangouts, facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Google duo skype. For video chat Google now and Google assistance in android phones and Siri is used for the video chat in the IOS phones. There are so many best IOS Training Institute in Chennai which imparts practical oriented training to the learners. Android uses the Google maps whereas IOS phones use the Apple maps to see the locations. Google maps are used in the iPhone through the app download of the Google maps.

 Android batteries are comparatively large and effective when compared to the ios. For the backup of the photos and videos Google photos, One drive, and Dropbox are used. The icloud update the IOS phones using the Google, Amazon, Dropbox, Flickr or Microsoft who provides the software to the IOS. Complete control of the Android phone is possible whereas complete control of the IOS phones is not possible. IOS Course in Chennai provides classroom and online training to the students. As the demand for the IOS is more globally and domestically there are students who come from different places.

Development of IOS Phones

Objective C, javascript, HTML5, swift, c, and Java are the languages used to develop the IOS development. The leaps and bounds for the mobile development market are tremendously increasing. Before starting the development it is important to analyze the target market, and targeted users to the mobile phone. There are many languages used for the same application. Some codes are reusable whereas some are not. So, analyze the plus and minus of the different programming languages then start the development of the mobile. Mobile Application Development Training in Chennai offers the training and placement support to the students after the training.

Different languages for the IOS development

HTML5 comes with a low budget and current version. It has many features like the different screen sizes, input parameters, and browser playing field etc. Currently, Objective-C is replaced by swift by the Apple Corporation. The graphics I/O, display functions work well for the development of the IOS phones and it is the authorized framework of the IOS and Mac OS announced by the Apple Company. Swift is the latest language in the IOS ecosystem. The API, cocoa and cocoa touch is some of the interesting features in the Swift language. Initially, it is introduced to work along with Objective-C but not Cupertino Company is making it a complete language for the IOS phone development. IOS Training is the best training to enter into the software industry.


Though the market share for the android phones is comparatively high than the IOS phones IOS phones are used in more numbers in the USA. In the USA IOS market is 25.7 whereas the android market share is 21.2 but in Asia, the android market is high than the IOS market. The global demand for the IOS is high which drag the demand to the IOS developers.

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