Why do we prefer AngularJS?

AngularJS Training in Chennai

Angular works with other libraries and it is fully extensible. Programmers write less number of code and they can also provide good results. It is considered as a stable framework which helps to build the web and millions of people are trusting Angular. It has been grown more than 5x faster and it was released in October 2017. Developers are still using AngularJS and migration process of Angular takes time and energy. Angular supports for one-way and two-way data binding, MVC pattern, client and server communication, dependency injection and much more. Know more about web development with AngularJS Training in Chennai.

AngularJS 1.7 development

Angular 1.7.1 and 1.7.2 is going to release Jun 30, 2018. AngularJS is going to release 1.7 versions. It took 3 years’ time to complete. Angular creates lots of web applications and you can also create the wide variety of applications in the short span of time. Many companies adapted to Angular 1.0 because it gives lots of benefits to web development process.  AngularJS is an MVC JS framework it handles a lot of stuff in the development process. Angular is one of the most famous JavaScript frameworks, it offers multiple designs and solutions to the web development process.

Angular helps you to create web and mobile application in an efficient way. AngularJS 2 developed a framework called platform. You can also use TypeScript, JavaScript, etc., for web development process.

Generally, AngularJS is used to create the test for applications and the user can also utilize modules. If you are trying to develop basic web applications you need to approach AngularJS Online Course. Experts approach is helpful for the students, use this opportunity and enhance your skills in web development process.

Angular 2

Angular 2 was launched in 2016. It allows developers to build cross-platform applications. With Angular, a programmer can handle desktop components. Angular 2 is rewritten from AngularJS and Angular 4 is an up gradation of Angular 2.

Angular 2 Pros

Usage of TypeScript: The biggest Typescript is tooling, it also provides refactoring, navigation and auto-completion. Using these tools helps to get better results of your projects.

Support for Web Components: Angular highly supports for web components, a programmer can easily fix the bug in the minimal duration.

Angular 2 Features

  1. Design
  2. Directives
  3. Templating
  4. Instance Scope
  5. Logging
  6. Screen Activator
  7. Scope
  8. Annotation

Angular 4

Angular 4 consumes less space, it is faster compared to previous versions. With new animation package, you can easily find your documents.

Angular 4 Features

  1. View Engine
  2. Improved *ngfor and *nglf
  3. Smaller and Faster
  4. Source Maps for Templates

Angular 5

Angular 5 was released in November 2017. It supports for build optimizer and progressive web applications. Learn and enhance your skills in web development. Every day programmers innovate a lot so you have to update yourself with current innovations. Boost your career with the help of Anguar Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy.

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