Android Oreo and its Benefits

Android Oreo & its benefits

Android is the mobile operating system which is developed by Google. It has been built based on the edited version of the Linux kernel and some other open source software. It is designed basically for the touchscreen devices which include tablets, smartphones, etc. There are various android app developers who are offering numerous useful apps for our devices. Android has a great scope. Explore the best institute which suits you to learn Android Training in Chennai. This article is about the Android Oreo and its benefits.

The current version of Android’s name is OREO which is available now in the market for the selected devices. The highlights of Oreo’s feature primarily focuses on efficiency and speed. Thus many smartphones are updated to Oreo version which is also known as Android 8.0. This version speeds up the booting process and in addition, it manages the annoying activities that are running in the background. Thus it saves your data plan and battery charge.

The Android Oreo 8.1 offers an ample of extra features to the forefront which is upgraded to the latest mobile operating system version. It tempts for other people who don’t use it yet. AR stickers are offering more fun into the stock camera app which is available for the pixel phones.

The Pixel’s Visual Core has been aroused which authorizes HDR+ to build the existing substantial pixel 2 photo capabilities much better. The other updates such as the Google lens’ copy & paste ability, that are able to remove text out of pictures for the simple way of text pasting into the other applications. Learn the latest applications through Android Online Course.

You must know the fact that the best features are arriving with the updating of Android Oreo. Check out which are all the phones are well-suited with the software. Some of the advantages of Android Oreo are listed below.

Rapid and Power Saving:
Android 8 Oreo works rapidly. Thus it is twice as quicker than the former version of Android. It controls the background activities and increases the performance of the device and the life of the battery. Therefore it helps to minimize the energy consumption.

Auto Filling:
This is an easy way of saving the username and password using the auto-fill feature. While logging in to your device, the Google will ask if you would like to save your information which you are entering, Click YES and automatically it will be saved and you don’t have to enter again while you are logging in for the next time.

Picture Mode:
The picture mode feature permits you to run the video activity in the window which is pinned and simultaneously you can continue with other background activities on your device. You don’t have to close an app to work in other apps. It does the multi-tasking.

Notification Badges:
The notification badge displays a small dot at the corner of the application icon. It lets us know that we have received a notification. Long press on the app consists of notification badge gets the message information which we have received. The new feature referred as the notification previews appear, if we click on this, it directs us to get details about the senders and the message title.

Many versions are yet to update in the Android OS. Keep yourself updated on Android which is ruling the mobile world. Enroll now for the best Android Course in Bangalore.

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