SEO Introduction

SEO Introduction

In this internet savvy world, most of the people rely on search engine results to get a product or service. When a person enters a query in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing,a list of websites are ranked in SERP. Search engine optimization is the process of getting higher rankings on search engine result page in organic way, by implementing search engine friendly optimization techniques and elements into a website.

How Does SEO Works?

Search Engine Optimization commonly referred as SEO. Optimization is an art and science of making a website search engine friendly and attracts more rankings. Google bots or spiders perform several activities such as crawling, indexing, processing and calculating relevancy to rank a website in search results. First and foremost, search engines crawl a website to identify & check what is loaded. Search engine spider or the bots index each and every page of a website.

Search engine spiders are not humans. So, they cannot crawls image, frames, flash movies, JavaScript and directories compared to a text data in a website. If your website fails to attract search engine spider, then your website will not be crawled and processed by the search engines. Once the webpage is crawled, the second step is indexing website content in search engine database for later retrieval. Successful Search engine optimization campaign involves making basic improvement in your website such as keyword selection, back links, etc.

In web optimization, website content is considered as king. Major search engines give more weight to the website with high quality and unique content. So, you need to optimize your website content based on the keyword. Keyword is an anchor text used by internet users in search engines to find any information.You need to use relevant keywords in your website to draw more web traffic.There are several algorithms that are used to calculate content relevancy of your website. Each of these algorithms produces different relevancy value for a search query.

Search engine optimization is divided in to two types namely on-page optimization and off page optimization. On-page optimization refers the website elements which include title, description, Meta tags, HTML code, image optimization, site layouts, quality content, keyword analysis and stemming. In off page optimization, quality back links are constructed from various referring domain with high page rank and relevancy. Major search engine will update their search algorithms on regular basics in order to provide best experience to internet users and to eliminate scammed website topping the search engine results. Using transparent and effective optimization techniques will ensure enhanced web traffic and higher search engine rankings for your website.

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