SEO Basics

SEO Basics

Basics of SEO

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) community has extremely developed a unique and perplexing lingo. Even if you have been in the same industry for a while, it is quite hard to understand what each term is. To avoid this confusion, I have explored few important SEO terms here.

Local Listings

Local listing is a section on search engine result pages, usually displayed at the very top with all your business details. It is intensely snobbish for local businesses that exactly match with keyword queries in SERP. Local listings are generally convoyed by map to point out the customer’s business location. Retail Businesses will cause a serious impact on their sales, if they are not implementing local listings. Lots of smart phone customer’s call up the Local Listings frequently to locate the shops in their nearby areas.

Organic Search Result

Organic results are the natural results which are displayed by the search engines based on the natural indexing of a website. In contrast with local listings we also have local results, paid results that are advertised by few ecommerce stores. The SEO field mainly targets on organic results to rank a website for specific user queries.

Page Rank

It is a rank which is bestowed by search engines like Google based on the website performance and traffic. It is based on the search engine scale which sets a maximum score of 10. It also depends on various other factors of a website.

Splash Page

Splash page are especially used by the companies to inform the client’s about the software or browser to view the other pages of a website. It is similar to the landing page which targets on specific page for a specific conversion. In short, splash page is just pointing or displays a single page of a website and that is why it is different from landing page. In few cases, splash pages will bring user’s home page automatically, and in some sites it requires the user to click on the link.

White hat SEO

White hat SEO is also called as ethical SEO which is a technique recommended by Google to rank a website in search engine. It is a good quality SEO tactic which is mainly based on keyword and keyword analysis, Quality back linking to improve link popularity. It is the most frequent method but will take huge amount of time to promote a website in SERP.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is an unethical SEO practice which is commonly said due to the use of aggressive SEO tactic that exclusively focus only on search engines like Google and does not obey the protocol of the search engines. Few examples of this technique include keyword stuffing (keyword density which is more than 3% in a web page), hidden text and doorway pages. It is especially used by the people who are looking for a rapid financial return on their Web site, quite than an enduring savings on their Web site.


LSI Stands for Latent semantic Index is a system used by the search engines. When search engine crawl a webpage it collects and identifies all the matching keyword and phrases. The bolded and italicized keyword are given more importance by the search engines. LSI mainly focuses on the synonyms which are related with the title tag of your web page. But you should be aware of using LSI because it can even affect your keyword ranking in the search engine result page.

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