Networking – What you need to know?

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Networking is an essential tool for startups and it is a way of life. Know how the network is working and understand about routing and switching. Generally, networks operate by connecting with PCs and peripherals using access points, switches and routers. All these are networking basics and it allows communicating with other networks. Learn more about networking with CCNA Training in Chennai.

Methods of Networking

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Lots of resources are deployed in WAN. It not only spans domestic area, it covers internationally. WAN connections include both wireless and wired technologies. A wireless WAN technology includes cellular data networks like satellite networks, 4G LTE, etc. Wired WAN technologies include Carrier Ethernet, multiprotocol label switching, etc.

Local Area Network (LAN)

LAN provides only a small spaces and it provides a good service for lots of people. Home Networks and Small office are peer-to-peer networks and each client shares their resources with the support of networking. Wireless Networks, Ethernet Cables, etc are used to connect computers in LAN. Join CCNA Online Course at FITA Academy will help you to grow.

Types of Client Service Networks

  1. The print server performs multiple tasks like calculations, share information to the client on the basis of calculations.
  2. Single service servers perform a single task.

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

Metropolitan Area Network is similar to Local Area Network. It is usually operated at airports and it ranges up to 50kms. The cost MAN is higher than WAN. The transmission speed of MAN is 5-10 Mbps, it is higher than LAN and slower than WAN.

MAN is a most widely used network and it is frequently used in Fiber Distribution Data Interface (FDDI), Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), etc. ATM is a digital transfer technology, it was developed to improve the transformation of data over a single network. The main purpose of ATM is to access the clear video and audio results during video conferencing. It also combines with packet and circuit switching which helps to transfer real-time data. Generally, FDDI supports for thousands of users.

How does the Metropolitan Area Network work?

The main goal of MAN is to develop communication link between two nodes and it is established using optical fiber. A switch is a port which helps for data filtration.

IEEE 802 deals with metropolitan area networks and local area networks. Learn more about networks via CCNA Course in Bangalore. Specialists at FITA Academy guide the student with on-going projects.

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