Overview Of IELTS Writing Task

Overview of IELTS Writing Task

An Overview Of IELTS Writing Task 

The writing task includes on both IELTS general and academic. candidates have 40 minutes time duration to write an essay for a given topic in 250 words. The essay structure consists of 4 paragraphs, within the four-paragraph the introduction, body of content, and conclusion should be included. Before entering into the IELTS writing task, you should be aware of IELTS essay structure, and essay topics.

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IELTS Essay Structure

This is the Common essay structure 

When responding to IELTS essay topics, it’s essential to have a well-thought-out essay format.

You will use this structure to respond to any form of essay question, although your essay must be specifically tailored to the particular question type.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Question Types

The six regular question types in IELTS writing tasks are given below.


This is one of the IELTS Writing Task 2 Question Types asked in the IELTS essay topic. For Instance: In recent years, Children addicted to mobile gaming apps, and it leads to a lack of social interaction. Do you accept this or not?

This question is subjected to mobile gaming addiction and asking if you accept that question or not. Your essay should be answerable to the related question by adding your point of view.

Advantage And Disadvantage Question Type

This essay question type provides a topic and demands you to discuss the boons and banes. Let’s see the pros and banes essay questions. 

Many graduates prefer to change the domain after few years of experienceDiscuss the boons and banes.

Here you should explain the pros and negatives of the argument with supporting ideas.

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Discuss both views

The argument of both points of view. The question presents you with two points of view or perspectives on a topic and wants you to discuss them both. 

You should devote one body paragraph to each viewpoint, providing reasons and examples for why people could hold that perspective.

Problem And Solution Type Of Question

The problem and solution essay question gives you a topic about the particular issue which you require to share and discuss and then give reasonable solutions for. 

For Instant:

The population increases in urban areas lead to various problems. Find out one or two dangerous problems and recommend some ways that governments can stop or prevent these issues.

Here candidate should discuss the difficulties induced by overcrowding in the introduction paragraph and recommend few government-led solvents in the next paragraph.

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