On page SEO Techniques

On page SEO Techniques


Search Engine Optimization is the method of reformatting the content and structure of a website to make it place well in organic search engine results. SEO usually divides into two major areas such as on-page optimization and off-page optimization.  On-page optimization basically refers to editing your website pages and its content it helps you to improve website rank. On-site SEO consists of several techniques such as Title tag, Meta tag and description, Keyword research etc. Learn SEO from industry expert join FITA, SEO Training Institute in Chennai which offer best SEO Online Training at affordable cost. Here we discussed about some important on page techniques.

On-page SEO Techniques

Title Tag:

Website title is the most important factor considered by search engine, this helps to determine whether the particular page is relevant to page content while search engines reads through it. Title tag may contain company name, brand name, relevant page title or specific keywords. Give a unique title tag that helps you to boost your website rank.

Meta Tag:

In SEO Meta tag consists of two primary terms such as Meta keyword and Meta description. Meta keyword is not more important it is one of the ways to inform your primary keywords to search engine. Meta description contains detailed unique description about your website and it includes more specific keywords; this will help to improve website rank but don’t stuff multiple keywords because Meta description should look like a description instead as list of keywords.

Heading Tag:

Use of heading tag helps web browser, users and search engine to know the major key points in your web pages. Use <h1> tags for your main website page title, doing it helps the search engine to identify what the site is about and content from the title itself. We also use <h2> tag and <h3> tag for primary keyword in your website content. These various heading tags provide weightage to our website content and help to index your website properly.

XML Sitemap:

Basically sitemap is used by website visitors which helps them navigate between your web pages. However the XML sitemap is used by search engines in order to index your website from the first page to last.

Relevant Content:

Adding more relevant content to your website is the most important aspect in SEO point of view. When creating your website just write a natural content and take care it is more relevant to the service or product you offer and it’s easily understandable by the reader. Give unique and quality content to your website is the one major key to increase website rank in Google.

Keyword Density:

Including relevant keyword consistently throughout your website content is most important as it helps search engine to understand about your content and significant keywords. But avoid stuffing your keywords as it may affect website ranking. It is always recommended to keep webpage keyword density around 2 to 5 percent. Join SEO Training Institute in Bangalore for your better career growth.