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Comparison of Android phones and IOS phones

The major two operating systems dominating the mobile technology world are the android phones and the IOS phones. Android phones work on Linux whereas ios phones work on Unix. Android came into the market in the year 2008 whereas IOS came into the market in the year 2007. Android phones are named as phones, tablets […]

Why do we prefer AngularJS?

Angular works with other libraries and it is fully extensible. Programmers write less number of code and they can also provide good results. It is considered as a stable framework which helps to build the web and millions of people are trusting Angular. It has been grown more than 5x faster and it was released in October […]

Android Oreo and its Benefits

Android is the mobile operating system which is developed by Google. It has been built based on the edited version of the Linux kernel and some other open source software. It is designed basically for the touchscreen devices which include tablets, smartphones, etc. There are various android app developers who are offering numerous useful apps […]

Reasons why you should get into PHP 7

The next release of PHP is version 7 and it shows a huge reflection in terms of functionalities and features. Also, the next version will solve the existing problems and various features will be added for more flexibility.  Most of the developers show valid reasons for the changeover of PHP 7.  Here are the Reasons […]

Top 5 Essential Features of quality Website

To check whether your website is built with the essential functionalities, it requires some combination of different factors to check it. The combinations may differ as per the business needs.  Let us have a look at the essential functionalities of a website which is to be noted.  The following are the required features for all […]

What can I do with SAS?

SAS is a tool that helps managers to analyze the data for better transformation. SAS incorporates visualization, analytics, data mining and advanced analytics. More than 60,000 customers are in government, business and firms in 45 different nations. Once learning SAS will help you to become Business Analyst, Data Statisticians/Miner, Data Warehouse Specialists, Project Management and […]

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Important Tips for UI (User-Interface)

A group of pages connected by links is something we called website. It acts as an interface between different things –in this case, a company and a person or individual web presence –communicate, affect and meet each other. It helps to enhance the user experience and this interaction makes an experience for the visitor and […]

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Uses of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the fastest growing technology in the IT industry. It’s the only service you can pay for what you use. When you go for traditional storage method you need to spend more cost to buy some equipment to store your business data, now you can easily store all the information over the cloud, […]

Benefits of PHP for SEO

PHP is considered as the server-side free programming language that is utilized by a large number of sites on the World Wide Web. PHP permits the dynamic component for sites alongside different highlights that provider better feel to clients and site visitors. PHP Training in Chennai has more scope compared to other technologies in the […]

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Networking – What you need to know?

Networking is an essential tool for startups and it is a way of life. Know how the network is working and understand about routing and switching. Generally, networks operate by connecting with PCs and peripherals using access points, switches and routers. All these are networking basics and it allows communicating with other networks. Learn more about networking […]